William Belan

William Belan_Headshot

William Belan has served on the music faculty at CalStateLA since 1980. He has also taught at the University of South Dakota, Long Beach State University and the National University of Costa Rica. Belan has taught a variety of courses across the undergraduate and graduate music curriculum at the university. Dr. Belan serves as director of the Roger Wagner Center for Choral Studies, a chartered center of the university, which provides materials and workshops for choral professionals. At CalStateLA, Belan also directs one of largest choral conducting graduate degree programs in the US, known as the Three Summer MM in Choral Conducting. Belan is an active researcher having numerous publications on the subjects of the English Madrigal, Latin American choral music, and historical performance practice. He is the author of Choral Essays: A Tribute to Roger Wagner (1993) and A Conductors Handbook for the Performance of English Madrigals (2007). A third book, A Conductors Handbook for the Performance of Latin American Rhythms is currently in publication. Belan is the general editor for the William Belan Latin American Series (Gentry Publications), the William Belan Choral Series (Twin Elm Publications) and the Roger Wagner Contemporary Choral Series (Gentry Publications).