National Music Publishers is the newest member of the Fred Bock Music Companies family of catalogs; however, it’s hardly a new imprint.  The company was founded in the late 1970s by Bob Carl and William Hall, and within a few short years was providing high-quality choral publications to churches and schools across the country.  The repertoire of great classical editions and largely European writers has been consistently used in state, regional, and national ACDA convention concerts since the company’s inception, and many pieces have enjoyed years of being on All-State lists from coast to coast.  Along with National in this acquisition came Twin Elm Publishing, Emerson Music, and Chalice and Flame Publications.

The most successful part of the catalog is the William Hall Chorale Choral Series and its iconic blue cover.  Over 175 choral publications are part of this timeless series.  The Renaissance Music Series and the Chamber Music Series have proven to be very popular with high school and college choirs for decades.  Likewise, the Twin Elm portion of the catalog contains an extensive collection of Latin American choral pieces, along with other well-received multi-cultural arrangements.

Besides the aforementioned William Hall, other noted American composers within National are Vijay Singh, Ken Berg, Robert Carl, William Belan, Jerry Wesley Harris, and James McCray. European writers include Anthony Baldwin, Zsolt Gardonyi, Paul Ayers, and Zdenek Lukas.

Since the acquisition of this fine collection of catalogs, we have released five new choral publications, all under the National Music banner.  Among them are a new choral setting from William Hall and a new composition by Vijay Singh.  As 2012 unfolds, look for even more exciting news from National Music as get set to announce the signing of new writers and editors.